At TSI Group, We are experts in the production of seats for public transportation, schools and churches, Auditorium, theatres, Multiplexes, Offices, Cafeterias etc. we also produce Offices, Schools, Hostel and Hotel Furniture on project and retail bases. 



Theatre Products

We provide many solutions for Theatre type of Venues including Cinema Theatre, Home theatres, Multiplex, Auditoriums, Townhalls, Performing art Centres, Conference Rooms, Class Rooms, Stadiums, Churches etc. for chairs, Acoustical Materials, Cat Walk systems, Acoustical Doors, Floor Carpets, Stage automation Systems, Stage Wings, Stage Flooring, Stage Equipments etcs.

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Transportation Products

We are experts in the production of seats for public transportation including Bus Seats like 2x2, 2x3, 2x1 and Sleeper Coach, Railway Seats like Chair Cars, Sleeper Coaches, Metro Trains Seats in SS and FRP, Marine Seats made by Cast Aluminium for ferry and Cruizes, Air Craft seatings including Ecomony Class and Business Class etc.

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Project & Retail Furniture

We produce Project & Retail Furniture including Offices Chairs, Commerical Sofas, Hostel Furniture, Library Furniture, Lab Furniture, Waiting Chair, Banquet Chair, Hotel Furnitures, mattresses on a project or retail bases. We provide detailed project assistance for all the furniture needs and personalized Layout and Interior Services.

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